M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars Vol 2, Issue 1

10 February, 2011

Champions of the 60s Campaign Report

Volume 2, Issue 1 (Feb, 1967)
Party Crashers / Meet the Heroes
Cover: Four silhouettes, one with wings, with a mansion framed by a sunset in the background.   “Who are the New Team?” In a star in the lower left hand corner, a picture of Jack Diamond and the caption “Guest Starring Jack Diamond!”

Introducing: Bald Eagle, embodiment of American patriotism and agent of OLIVE.
Hi-Q, size-shifting scientific genius.
The Indestructible Man, who is indestructible.
Legionnaire, cyborg super-soldier created as part of a secret US Army project.

Appearing in this issue: Villains: Heat Wave and Snow Bunny.

Opening page: Various newspaper headlines noting the disappearance of the (previous team of ) LA Stars.  “Who will defend the West Coast?”  “Is California safe?”  “Gov Reagan urges calm.”

The opening splash page is an overhead view of exterior of the Playboy Mansion West where a party is in progress, various celebrities are visible in the crowd and our hero are picked out by enlarging circles as they move through looking for Jack Diamond who has invited them here.

Suddenly, flying in on a surfboard, his surf-goons following on foot, is the surfer-supervillain Heatwave, who has teamed up with the Snow Bunny, who come skiing in on her self-generated snow leading her team of SMG-armed gun bunnies on their own sets of skis.

“Gentlemen,” began Snow Bunny.  “And ladies,” continued Heat Wave.  “Please hand over your wallets, watches and jewelry.  Quickly and no one gets hurt.”

Our heroes spring into action: Bald Eagle speaks his mystical phrase and transforms into his heroic form, taking his olive branch (a mystical club) he flies into combat, striking Heat Wave with the statement of  “Let me extend you an olive branch!”  Hi-Q grows into a giantess.  Legionnaire activates his modular weapon system, specifically the kinetic cannon, and knocks Snow Bunny out of the panel but not the fight.  Indestructible Man (henceforth I-Man) interposed himself between the Gun Bunnies and the other guests and asked the Gun Bunnies to surrender.

“Let me welcome you to sunny California!” said Heat Wave attempting to toast Bald Eagle to no effect.  Bald Eagle replied by trying to clock him but Heat Wave caught the blow on his board.  The surfboard wielding surf-goons attempted pummel Legionnaire with no luck.  Hi-Q strikes the flying surfer and sends him flying back, she receives some burned fingers for her troubles.  The gun bunnies open up on I-Man, their bullets hitting him, ruining his shirt and snapping the stem off his martini glass but otherwise leaving him unharmed.  I-Man returns fire and shoots the SMG out of the hands of one of his attackers.

Bald Eagle and Heat Wave spar with Bald Eagle finally finishing the surfer off with a mighty blow, Heat Wave landing in a fountain that immediately begins to steam.  Legionnaire takes care of the surf-goons using his sonic cone project (“So that’s what that does”) and his enhanced strength (tossing one of them into the same fountain as his boss).  I-Man lets the gun bunnies waste their ammunition on him while he calming picks the SMGs out of their hands with his laser pistol until they break and run.  Hi-Q tries to catch the nimble Snow Bunny who throws blasts of arctic cold at the giant scientist. As Snow Bunny tries to escape, Hi-Q makes a final lunge and captures the villainess.... Johnny Quest's waiting roomphoto © 2010 James Vaughan | more info (via: Wylio

Jack Diamond, head of Heroes Inc (America’s premier superteam), and Hugh Hefner congratulates the heroes on a job well done.  Hefner goes to calm the other guests while Jack thanks the heroes for responding to his invitation.  He takes them down beneath the Playboy Mansion to the hidden LA Stars base, all done in swinging sixties modern all curves and primary colors.  Once there he explains that the first LA Stars team has been missing for over a month and he wants our heroes to form a new incarnation of the team with one of their primary goals being to find out what happened to their predecessors.

Cut to a panel of files on supervillains spread across a table.  “These are some of the threats you are likely to face.  Are you ready to become the new LA Stars?”

“Yes!” the new heroes reply in the final panel of the four of them framed against the map of the US in the base.

Meet Our Heroes:
Bald Eagle, patriotic American who found the mystical second page of the Declaration of Independence.  By speaking a mystic phrase he becomes the Bald Eagle, winged embodiment of American patriotism. He is a newly recruited agent of OLIVE, the Office of Lawful Investigation and Villain Elimination.  (Played by T2 as a mix of Captain Marvel, Hawkman and Sam the American Eagle.)

Hi-Q, young size-shifting scientific genius and token female member of the team.  (Played by T1 as he thought we needed a female character on the team and we had never had a “get really big guy” as a power set.)

The Indestructible Man, who is indestructible, really that is about it.  Well, he does have a laser pistol too.  His dark secret is he was one of the last Nazi ubermensch and he now seeks to redeem himself.  (Played by J., maybe temporarily as the character is very much a one-trick pony, he does not get hurt and that is it.)

Legionnaire, Green Beret nearly killed in Vietnam rebuilt as a cyborg super-soldier by a secret US Army project.  Stronger, faster, tougher and has a built in modular weapon system.  (Played by H.)

Notes: Needed to take a break from Gams Mastering L5R for a bit and decided to try out Mutants and Masterminds (3rd Ed).  The campaign is set in 1967 and is part of the same world as my New Atlantians Icons game (and the previous LA Stars campaign, which used 2nd ed M&M, and the long running Heroes Inc campaign which used Champions).  The continuity has been joined by a Masks: the Next Generation campaign.

Could not find any good pictures of the Playboy Mansion West but here is a good retrospective of Hugh Hefner and a great picture of Hef from 1970s is included with this article.

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  1. Excellent stuff! Love the characters and I would really like to see the builds sometime.

    • I will talk to the players and see if they mind. If not, I will post them in the near future.

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