M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars Vol 2, Issue 8

8 June, 2011

Cover: (by Jack Kirby) Two bat-winged Nazi soldiers with assault rifles firing flying over a werewolf holding a book of eldritch lore (surrounded by a crackling nimbus of Kirby dots) in the ruins of a library.  Silhouettes of our heroes around the edges.  The werewolf says, “You are too late heroes, the book is ours!”

Volume 2, Issue 8 (August 1967)
Black Sun Rising

Our HeroesBald Eagle, winged embodiment of American patriotism.

Hi-Q, size-shifting super scientific genius.
The Indestructible Man, who is immune to all physical harm.
Legionnaire, cyborg super-soldier built by the US Army.
Appearing in this issue: Villains: Agents of the Black Sun Organization: Flying Stormtroopers and Werewolves.
Supporting Cast: Eliza Winter, unfortunate coed.

Opening page: Door of Dr. Annette Armstrong’s lab (the secret identity of Hi-Q) at UCLA.  One a cork-board next to the door is posted a flyer “Rare Book Display Opens Today – UCLA Library”.  The caption reads “Late one summer afternoon in LA.

UCLA Library

UCLA Library

Two page spread, Hi-Q sees the shadow of a winged man pass over her lab’s window, looking out of the window she sees three bat-winged men heading towards the UCLA Library.  Hi-Q calls the LA Stars HQ and tells them to get to UCLA immediately.  Bald Eagle takes off leaving I-Man and Legionnaire behind, looping back to join them when he realizes he is not sure how to get to UCLA.  As the helicopter lands, Hi-Q joins the rest of the teams just in time to see guests pouring out of the library in panic.

Our heroes fight their way through the crowd catching the words, “Vampires”, “werewolves” and “guns.”  Once inside, they find the main room had been set up for a reception around the displays of rare books.  Flying above the stacks are six heavily armed flying storm troopers with batwing harnesses over the stacks.  While down on the floor, a werewolf shatters a glass case and retrieve a book from the wreckage.  “Target acquired,” he says in German.

“Please present you library card!” shouts Hi-Q as the team moves to engage.  Bald Eagle takes to the air with a thunderclap of his wings, scattering papers everywhere.  Legionnaire activated his weapon systems and prepared to engage the storm troopers.  I-Man and Hi-Q move straight in to get the book back.  Things would have gone the heroes way except for the second werewolf . . . One of the werewolves says, in German but helpfully translated for the reader, “Indestructible Man, we were hoping you would show up.”

The combats was hard on the library, I-Man had a shelf tipped over on him (with the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich hitting him square between the eyes) and later thrown through the western classics section after he interposes to prevent the book from being taken.  Stormtroopers crash from the skies into the stacks and one onto a reception table, sending canapes and silverware flying everywhere.  At last the remaining storm troopers uses tear gas grenades to try and facilitate the escape of the werewolves.  But to no avail.  The first werewolf is taken down and the pouch containing the book ends up in the hands of Hi-Q.

The last desperate act of the last werewolf standing is to take a coed hostage and try to exchange her for the book.  It does not go well, the young woman is rescued and the werewolf is savagely beaten.  “Looks like his borrowing privileges are canceled,” says Hi-Q standing over the unconscious wolfman.

Black Sun Symbol

Black Sun Symbol

The book the Black Sun agents were trying to steal was an original edition of De Vermis Mysteriis.  When they heroes try to question a stormtrooper he shouts (in German) “The Black Sun forever!” and his harness folding around him, as do the harnesses of all the others troopers, crushing them to death.  Hi-Q samples of the harness back to her lab but cannot identify the biological material they are made from.  Legionnaire takes the coed, Eliza Winter, out for coffee.

Final panel: LA jail, two empty werewolf suits discarded on the floor of a cell and two policemen looking in.  “We had better call the LA Stars and let them know.”

World Notes: The Black Sun Organization is a classic post-Nazi neo-Occult organization.  I was inspired to use it here by the Knight City Chronicles game where they showed up (and where the Black Sun symbol is pinched from).

Notes: Z was working a double, so no Lady’s Man.  The in-comic explanation is the company is still judging the reaction to the character before officially adding him to the team.

UCLA Library photo from Wikipedia and is in the public domain.

To the story Dis-UNITY which takes place between issues 8 and 9.

Buy Issue 9.

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