Tuesday Magic Item – Kettle of Mist

9 August, 2016

Fancy a cuppa?“Fog is not usually one of my favorite types of weather . . .” began Voddick.

“But today, it seems quite comforting,” finished Gollaon, pouring more water into the kettle.  “As long as the deception holds and our employer’s enemies are too cautious to move into the fog, we should be safe.”

Voddick tilted his head, listening to the other solders stomping around, trying to make it seem as if there were many more troops in the fog.  “How long do you think it wil work?”

“Long enough for us to slip away if it seems to be not working,” whispered Gollaon.

Kettle of Mist

It is widely beieved that these items were initially created by mistake but their usefulness has caused the process to become formalized.  They are sturdy metal kettles, usually fairly large, often with carved wooden handles.  There are runes inscribed on the inside of the kettle which can be seen when the lid is lifted.

To activate the kettle, it must be filed to the top with clean water and placed over a source of heat.  Once the kettle starts to boil, mist begins to pour out from the spout causing a thick patch of mist to form, with the same effect as a fog cloud, this effect lasts for 10 minutes per litre (.9 quarts) and most hold three litres of water.  Moving the kettle while it is still boiling will spread the effect as ong as it is moved no more than 10′ per minute and the water is kept boiling.  It requires a Dexterity check (DC 15) to refill each litre the kettle while it is boiling and a Reflex save (DC 18) to avoid take 1d4 fire damage for each litre poured in.  The kettle can only be used once per day and can only be refilled once while it is active.

Using dirty water or other liquid will only produce an effect equal to obscuring mist, though with the same duration as above.

Aura faint conjuration; CL 3th
Slot none; Price 250; Weight 2 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft wondrous items, fog cloud; Cost 125

For D&D5:

Wondrous item, common

Desciption as above, effect as above except the Deterity roll to successfully refill is DC 13 and the save to avoid damage is 15.  When using somthing other than pure water, the fog cloud it produces only lightly obscures the area

Notes: Not very powerful, but useful, especially if you have a magical way to heat to water.

Photo by Helder Mira and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.



  1. Love the item, love the repartee.

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