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Tuesday Magic Item – Eavesdropper’s Earring

23 August, 2016

Good for twoVoddick sipped at his wine.  “Well, serving as bodyguards at a party is not a bad job.”  His free hand fiddled with his collar.  “Even if the clothes are a bit ridiculous.”

“You have no sense of fashion, my fiend,” replied Gollaon scanning the crowd.  “Take a note of the young woman by the arch, she is an agent but I am not sure if she is an ally or enemy.”

“The one with the long braid and the distracted look?”

“Precisely. Let me know if you see her playing with her earring.”

“As you wish,” said Voddick following the statement with another sip of wine.

Eavesdropper’s Earring

These earrings are fashionable but not overly flashy, except for often being set with multiple stones or decorative elements.  The other component of this item are one, or more, “echo anchors” of at least coin size with an ear displayed upon them, usually worked into the design of a portrait of a person or animal.

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