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Tuesday Magic Item – Regal Guitar (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

16 August, 2016

Music for allGollaon leaned back, letting the music flow over him.  He watched the singer, they seemed more attractive after each song yet he was barely sipping at his wine.

“Quite a talent,” whispered Voddick once the song had ended and the mistral took a break.

“Indeed,” nodded Gollaon, “but I think it is talent given a helping hand from some subtle magic.”

Voddick looked a little disappointed but then brightened as another set was begun with a strum on the guitar.

Regal Guitar

These finely crafted guitars often show signs of hard use and travel, yet they still play beautifully.  They are made of rare woods occasionally inlaid with ivory or other precious materials but most are simple superb examples of the guitar-makers art and when properly tuned, they produce lovely music.

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