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Tuesday Magic Item – Jellyfish Discus

30 August, 2016

Getting a grip on you“What was that?” cried Voddick watching the whirling disc continue on beyond him.

“Get down!” shouted Gollaon, taking shelter behind a wall.  “Do not let them hit you.”

“What are they?”

“Terrors of the sea reformed into weapons against those on land,” replied Gollaon, stringing his bow.

A cry went up from one of the other soldiers, now enmeshed is writhing tentacles.  “Nasty,” mutter Voddick, snapping a shot with his crossbow.

Jellyfish Discus

These throwing discs are colorful, rubbery and damp to the touch, which many find unpleasant, but they are exceedingly well balanced for throwing and glide though the air when tossed.

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