Tuesday Magic Item – Lover’s Eye

6 November, 2012

“What is that piece of jewellery he is wearing?” I asked, trying not to be too obvious in my indication there of.

Eye Love You

Watching you

“Ah, the eye?”nodded my guardian.  “It is a portrait of his mistress’ eye to show his love for her.  Enough is shown so that he and her know he is honoring her, but not showing enough that anyone else can identify her with ease.”

“Shameless!” Whispered from where I hid behind my fan.

“Many men have such but only a bold one such as he would wear it openly,” my guardian said, sipping at his spiced wine.  “Most wear theirs concealed but near to their hearts.”

Lover’s Eye

These portraits are of a person’s eye and occasionally a bit more., enough to imply beauty but not reveal it Often pointed on ivory and framed in precious metal , sometimes set with gems.  Usually designed to be worn as a broach.

The wearer gains a +3 insight bonus to resist any seduction attempts and a +1 insight bonus to resist charms.  Additionally, the wearer gains a +2 insight bonus to perception checks to locate the person who the image of the eye was painted of.

Aura faint abjuration and divination; CL 5th
Slot none*; Price 1,700; Weight
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, charm person, owl’s wisdom, resistance; Cost 850

*This magic item does not use a magic item slot.

Notes: Inspired by an actual type of painting from the 18th C.  A minor item but rather fun, I hope.

Image from Wikimedia and is in the public domain.

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