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Tuesday Magic Item – Peacock Guardian Brooch

13 November, 2012

Always in fashion“What a lovely brooch, my lady,” said Assistant Deputy High Judge Vess.

“It was a gift from my late husband,” she replied coyly, fluttering bother her fan and eyelashes at the functionary.  The peacock jewels flashing.

“A shame,” he said, adding, “about your husband.  Such a charming young woman, widowed at such a tender age.”

“A tragedy, truly,” she sighed.  “There are still some matters of his estate left unsettled, perhaps you could help me get an appointment with the High Judge to sort them out?”

Peacock Guardian Brooch

These ornate broaches are always of the finest materials set with gemstones in such a way to mimic the patters of a peacock’s tail.

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