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New Magic Item – Ambush Bolts

28 November, 2012

Surprise!Black Jock was a highwayman, of the worst sort, the one that even the other bandits did not like.  He was far too found of killing those he robbed.  But he was quick and a dead shot with a crossbow so very few made much out of it.  Still, not one was surprised when he was found out back of the Dancing Hare with a knife in the liver and his corpse stripped of all valuables.  Most -secretly for they were not prone to examining their thoughts on morality- believed that he had only brought such an end on himself and the kindest word said of his passing was “At least he didn’t soil himself at the end.”

Ambush Bolt

These crossbow bolts, usually for light crossbows, are made of dark wood and dulled metal so as not to be seen.  The metal used in them has almost always been reforged from broken or stolen weapons.

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