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Review – Zoo City (novel)

17 November, 2012

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes, a good read for anyone who likes more than a dash of noir in their urban fantasy.  Set more or less in the modern world, with a few changes, specifically the existence of the “animaled” or Zoos whose sins have manifested as a animal tied to them (and bad things happen if that animal is killed) which also unlocks a gift, which is perceived as magic.  Zinzi December’s, the main character, gift is locating lost things.

Zinzi gets hired to find a person, not her usual gig, but the money is too good to pass up.  It is a noir journey along the edges of a South Africa not quite like our own.  Dark and intriguing, with some black humor along the way but do not expect a happy ending.

For modern/near future gamers, it is an interesting look at South Africa and for Urban Fantasy gamers, it has a neat take on magic in the modern world through the animaled who, as marked by their animals, are also outcasts.  If you like you stories dark, give this book a look.

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