M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars Dis-UNITY (takes place between issues 8 & 9)

23 June, 2011

Cover: Split Cover – LA Stars on the right.  Legionnaire wresting with a Frankenstein-like monster with ‘Dis-UNITY’ splashed across in yellow lettering.

Secret Stories of the 1960s, Issue 2 (June 1998)

Our Heroes: Hi-Q, super-genius who can shrink and grow by science!
The Indestructible Man, who cannot be physically harmed.
Legionnaire, part of the US Army’s super-soldier project (one of them anyway).

Appearing in this issue: Villains: the reanimated dead of Project UNITY and Doctor Friedrich.

Supporting Cast: Colonel Cinnamon, US Army, various soldiers.

Opening page: I-Man answering the olive green emergency and promptly handing it to Legionnaire.  “This is General Graham at the Pentagon.  The Stars are needed at the US military base at Santa Leocadia immediately.”

“We are on it, sir,” replies Legionnaire.

Two page spread: The team aboard a Playboy jet, which is -in fact- one of Playboy’s private jets lent to Hef.  There is a set of interesting colored switched and buttons under a locked perspex panel that Legionnaire, who is piloting the plane, really wants to play with but no one will let him.  I-Man enjoys the full bar while Hi-Q reads scientific literature.  In the last panel they land at Santa Leocadia.

They are met by the base command, Colonel Cinnamon and a variety of soldier in full kit in jeeps.  He hands over a file (marked Project U.N.I.T.Y.) to Hi-Q which is about 60% redacted but tells of a project to restore ‘non-viable’ soldiers to duty.  Cinnamon explains that the UNITY bunker went silent five days ago, yesterday a commando team was sent in to investigate, they did not return.

Getting flashlights and, for I-Man a Colt 1911A1 pistol and for Legionnaire a cassette of bullets for his inbuilt autogun, they venture into the bunker.  The lights flicker to life in best horror movie tradition and the heroes descend to the lowest sub level using the elevator.  The bottom level is a bit torn up.  They find that the generator room has been sealed off and several of the surviving staff are trapped who warn them about “the patients” going crazy through the door.  Before they can rescue anyone, they are attacked by two patchwork Frankenstein monster-like creatures.  They defeat them and I-Man goes to see if there are more only to get a bazooka round in the chest for his troubles as another group of three of the ‘UNITY Zombies’ armed with combat knives and a bazooka are encountered lying in wait.  They too are quickly dispatched.

Further investigation reveals the surgical lab with several Unity Zombies in progress.  They realize that those are probably put together from pieces of the commando team that had been sent in.  It is also discovered that each of them has a radio receiver implanted at the base of its skull.  Hi-Q gimmicks a radio locator from spare parts and, after Legionnaire uses his implanted radio to locate the frequency they head out to locate the zombie master.

Along the way, they are attacked by more Unity Zombies, learn that their ‘blood’ is an inflammable chemical slurry, Legionnaire sets fire to two of them with his rocketpack only to have the burning zombies jump on him.  Finally they confront Doctor Friedrich, who is in an improved UNITY Zombie body (with biological overdrive and steel-plated bones).  In a cataclysmic final confrontation in the bases stairwell Legionnaire is almost pummeled to death, I-Man gets covered in zombie goop and Hi-Q is able to finally break out her growth to capture the mad scientist.

They learn that Dr Friedrich had been the head of the project and after a car accident, his brain was transplanted into the UNITY Project Mk VIII body and then he went crazy and used the other zombies to take over the base in preparation for breaking out and conquering the world.

World Notes: Project UNITY is stolen whole cloth from the delightful webcomic Skin Horse.  It will be closed down immediately after this event and not reactivated until the 1990s under a branch of the shadow government known as Anasigma.

The importance of Legionnaire getting real ammo for his autogun is that all of his inbuilt ordinance is designed for ‘reduced lethality’ so the autogun is usually loaded with rubber bullets much to his annoyance.

Notes: T2 had to do wedding prep stuff with his finance so no Bald Eagle and Z was called into work, so no Lady’s Man.

This story is out of standard continuity, being framed as a ‘secret story’ from the 1990s, and used to explain certain aspects of the ‘Earth-H’ US supersoldier projects.

Read Issue 8 or Issue 9.

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