M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars Volume 2, Issue 9

9 July, 2011

Cover: Bald Eagle being covered in ice by the King of Cold, Hi-Q caught by Chauve-Souris’ whip, Legionnaire and the Lady’s Man are being blinded by the light of the Looking Glass Queen.  “Can our heroes survive the Race again CriME?!”

LA Stars Volume 2, Issue 9 (September 1967)
Race against CriME!

Our HeroesBald Eagle, empowered by America to be a winged agent of justice
Hi-Q, genius who can shrink and grow by science!
The Lady’s Man, charming club owner and community hero.
Legionnaire, the latest attempt by the US military to build a super-soldier.
Indestructible Man, who cannot be hurt, physically (cameo only).

Appearing in this issue: Villains: Many members of CriME, mostly in cameos, but in more than one panel: Chauve-Souris, the King of Cold, the Looking Glass Queen, and the Puzzle Master.

Guest stars: Heroes Inc: Jack Diamond (aka Playboy), the Human Jack-Rabbit, Kid Comic, Plasma-Man, (reserve members) Rebel, Torch.

Opening page: Bald Eagle answering the Red, White and Blue direct hotline from Heroes Inc, “This is Jack Diamond, we have an emergency.”

Next page, Eagle hands off the phone to Hi-Q.  Jack explains that the Villainous group CriME (“The Criminal Mercenary Elite?” clarifies Hi-Q) is planning a citywide crime spree in Los Angeles starting at Noon.  Jack and Heroes Inc are almost at the team’s B-70 Valkyrie and will be there as soon as the mach 3.08 speed of the jet will get them there.  Unfortunately, it is 11:58am in LA now.

Hi-Q hangs up the phone and gathers the team just in time for the blue police phone to start ringing.  “It is the chief of police, there are supervillains everywhere!  We need you!”

Taking to the air in the Stars Copter, the heroes land to help at a standoff near Sunset Blvd where a jewelers has been robbed.  Goons in silver costumes, the Mirror Men, with SMGs covered the outside and two polices cars were at either end of the street.  Bald Eagle swoops in followed by Legionnaire to engage the goons.  Hi-Q and the Lady’s Man follow more cautiously.

From the store emerges the crystal and silver decorated form of the Looking Glass Queen, followed by another and another until there are six of her and then starts lashing out with light based attacks.  Our heroes smash the Mirror Men and disrupt holograms until the escape van arrives with more goons and they disable that.  The Queen makes a break for it, cutting back into the looted shop only to have Hi-Q, in giant form, reach through the window and capture her.

Hi-Q disable’s the Queen mirror technology and hands her over to the police just in time for a red rose with a note reading “Magnifique!” to come fluttering down to our heroes.  Looking up, they see Chauve-Souris in her purple and blue costume looking over the edge of a rooftop.  She blows them a kiss and dashes away.

Bald Eagle charges after her only to find the King of Cold waiting on the roof who encases him in ice, causing him to plummet back to the street before again flying back into the fray, this time accompanied by Legionnaire.  Eagle gets his wings coated in ice and drops heavily to the roof.  Legionnaire uses his sonic cannon to shattered the ice on Eagle while pummeling the King.  But the King’s heavy armor and cold weaponry looked to be gaining the upper hand when the Lady’s Man, who had climbed up a fire escape behind the King, bashed the villain with his cane and then Legionnaire put his rocket pack on overdrive and smashed into the King.  The two of them tumbled into the street where the ‘cyrotanks’ of the King’s armor exploded, trapping them both in ice.

Hi-Q chases Chauve-Souris through the famous landmarks of Hollywood before finally capturing her, the chase is inter-spaced with panels of supercriminals robbing places and being confronted by members of the LA Stars.  Villains seen include: Black Corbie, Hardcase, Jet-Master, the Mad Mod and Modern Crimes, the Three Pennies, the Puzzle Master, Ram, Red Cheetah, Tiger Claw, and Zipper.

Final page: Group shot of the LA Stars (including I-Man) and Heroes Inc with the mug shots of the captured villains spread out in front of them.

World Notes: CriME was founded in NY back in 1963 and Heroes Inc fought some of its founding members by they were not able to defeat the man behind it all, Mr Magister, the modern Napoleon of Crime.  Since then, CriME has expanded its operations across the globe.

Chauve-Sourie (the Bat) is Earth-H’s version of Catwoman, as Earth-H’s Batman echo is the Night Cat, just as the Puzzle Master fills the role of the Riddler.

Heroes Inc (issue  50 or so) would have told this story from their viewpoint, sort of a cross-over but not really, more or a stunt than anything else.

Notes: J, who works nights, lost track of the days and missed this game, so no I-Man this issue.  However, there is no canon explanation for his absence, I-Man simply does not appear in the issue except in the final panel.  This unexplained disappearance remains an issue of debate among fans to this day.


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