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M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars – Special Story (“Cro-Magness!”)

10 April, 2011

Sequence in Heroes of America, Anthology Title, Issue 1 (April, 1967)

Cover: The cover is dived in four, the lower right features the LA Stars “in Cro-Magness!” with an image of Bald Eagle struggling with the Cro-Master atop a pile of things.

Sam Yorty, pre de-evolution

Sam Yorty

Our Heroes: Bald Eagle, winged  embodiment of American patriotism (cameo only).
Hi-Q, brilliant size-shifting genius.
The Indestructible Man, who cannot be harmed.
Legionnaire, Vietnam survivor and cyborg super-soldier.
Appearing in this issue: Villains: Cro-Master and his army of de-evolved citizens.
Supporting Cast: Sam Yorty, the Mayor of LA.

Opening page: The ‘mayor phone’ ringing in the LA Stars base.  Bald Eagle answers.  “There is trouble downtown,” says the mayor.  Before the mayor can expand, Eagle has already taken flight and the phone reciever is spinning in mid-air.
Hi-Q catches the phone.  “LA Stars,” she says.
“There is trouble downtown, you heroes are needed,” says the mayor.
“We are on our way.” Read the rest of this entry ?

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