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Eos’ Lamp – New Magic Item / A to Z Blogging Challenge [E]

6 April, 2011

Those who worship the totan-goddess of the dawn, the rosy-fingered one, for generations are often fortunate enough to gain her blessing in the form of a lamp that bright the light of the dawn with it.Roman Oil Lamp Bonn Germanyphoto © 2007 Hadley Paul Garland | more info (via: Wylio)

The comforting glow of these lamps in well known and often foundly remembered by those who have experienced it.

Eos’ Lamp

These delicately crafted lamps are usually made of polished bronze often gilded of inlaid with gold.  They often are marked with a diadem or have a horse on either side (sometime marked with the names Lampos and Phaithon), rarely the handle is made of carved ruby quartz.

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