M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars – Special Story (“Cro-Magness!”)

10 April, 2011

Sequence in Heroes of America, Anthology Title, Issue 1 (April, 1967)

Cover: The cover is dived in four, the lower right features the LA Stars “in Cro-Magness!” with an image of Bald Eagle struggling with the Cro-Master atop a pile of things.



Sam Yorty, pre de-evolution

Sam Yorty



Our Heroes: Bald Eagle, winged  embodiment of American patriotism (cameo only).
Hi-Q, brilliant size-shifting genius.
The Indestructible Man, who cannot be harmed.
Legionnaire, Vietnam survivor and cyborg super-soldier.
Appearing in this issue: Villains: Cro-Master and his army of de-evolved citizens.
Supporting Cast: Sam Yorty, the Mayor of LA.

Opening page: The ‘mayor phone’ ringing in the LA Stars base.  Bald Eagle answers.  “There is trouble downtown,” says the mayor.  Before the mayor can expand, Eagle has already taken flight and the phone reciever is spinning in mid-air.
Hi-Q catches the phone.  “LA Stars,” she says.
“There is trouble downtown, you heroes are needed,” says the mayor.
“We are on our way.”

Next page: Hi-Q, I-Man and Legionnaire pile into the Stars Copter and fly to downtown.  It is in chaos as bands of citizens have been de-evolutionized into cro-Magnon and are causing havoc.  The heroes split up to contain the damage, herding groups of cro-Magnons away from other civilians and other heroic deeds.  The notice that those who come into contact with the de-evolved start to de-evolve themselves adding to the problem.  Several scenes of our heroes corralling and containing the cro-Magnons follow.

LA City Hall

LA City Hall

Hi-Q realizes that city hall is the epicenter of the outbreak and our heroes head there.  Inside they find a large man on a piles of things taken from the offices, dancing around are a pack of cro-Magnons.  “Welcome to the lair of the Cro-Master!” he yells.

Bald Eagle charges forward the engage the Cro-Master while the rest of the team tries to round up the mooks.  Hi-Q uses her size changing powers to good effect.  While Legionnaire tries to work out way to disable the cro-Magnons without permanent harm.  I-Man get grabbed by the de-evolved Mayor who beats him against the marble floor for a while before being knocked away by Legionnaire.  Bale Eagle and the Cro-Master trade blows, with Bald Eagle getting hit by a key to the city, the mayor chair and a flagpole.

Eventually, the heroes defeat the Cro-Master and round up the cro-Magnons.  Dr. Black from UCLA is called into help figure out how to ‘restore’ the people.  It turns out to be a fairly simple chemical fix to get the people back to their old selves but it is confirmed as the same work as the person who had created the Afri-Apes.

Notes: This ended up being a very short game, which is why it is not a full “issue” but it builds loosely on the plot point introduced in Vol 2, Issue 2.  This issue, part of the short lived Heroes of America anthology series, ends up being important and sought after for its place in the ‘Gene Genie’ story arc.

Photo of the LA City Hall from wikipedia and is public domain.

Join the LA Stars in Issue 6 of their comic.


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