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Geek Culture and Self-Image

23 April, 2011

The RPG Corner links to this interesting post over at Dave Ex Machina where he talks about being a nerd and a problem he has, to wit.

That problem being, I am sick to death of “nerd culture”.

Go and read the article, it is quite interesting, the important thought that he brings up is:

[Y]ou can be into a thing without having to be into being into a thing.

Now, I work in a game store.  I deal with people who are . . . committed to various points of view.  People who live Magic, people who hate D&D 4e, people who love Pathfinder, people who can recite the history of the Clans in Battletech, people who dispise Magic, people who are Clan Loyalist for the Legend of the Five Rings setting and so on.   I get to interact with them all.

Now, I have opinions on games, comics, movies, which may not align with those of the people I interact with.  But unlike so many people I deal with, I do not feel the need to defend my choices or (more importantly) the need to denigrate theirs.

My self-image is not so fragile that it will be shattered by someone who, for example, does not like Joss Whedon’s work (Dollhouse was not his best effort after all), who prefers Magic: the Gathering to the Shadowfist CCG (where I am in the opposite camp) or who loves zombies (which I feel have been very overplayed).  Different people like different things and to different levels, I am entirely cool with that.

People need to be accepting of other peoples views and not defensive when their own opinions are challenged.  I try to be curious instead, for I do want to understand what people liked about, say, a movie I disliked or a game that did not grab me.  Dialog is far more valuable, and less destructive, that reflexive defensive hostility.

Anyway, just my thoughts on this subject.

Edit: L of Geek’s Dream Girl puts it much more eloquently in Amicable Disagreement 101.


Tempestes’ Girdle – New Magic Item / A to Z Blogging Challenge [T]

23 April, 2011

Tempestes at Play

While the storm roiled and lightning flared, the young woman stood and watched.  She had no fear of the storm and welcomed it, letting the rain wash over her.  A flash of lightning  showed that she was not alone.   Three men, bedraggled by the rain, moved to surround her.

In the echoes of the peel of thunder, they could hear her laughter and she leapt into the sky and was gone, carried to safety by the storm’s winds.

Tempestes’ Girdle

This girdle is made of dense black silk woven through with gold.  When it is not worn, it occasionally sparks with static electricity.  While worn, it crackles with electricity when the wearer is experiencing extreme emotion.

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