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Iris’ Cape – New Magic Item / A to Z Blogging Challenge [I]

11 April, 2011


The arrival of Ailis, messenger-priestess of Iris, at the outdoor court of King Irigos III riding a rainbow certainly caught the attention of all there.  Her clear voice carried well and her charge to the King to show more judgement and mercy in his application of  the laws.  The King was visibly unhappy but he was too cunning to do anything in front of the people (and the gods).

The thugs sent by some mysterious employer to silence Ailis found her very hard to catch and impossible to corner.  With each escape, her faem grew and the tyrant’s hold on power slipped further.

But he is not the only King to have lost his throne by chasing rainbows.

Iris’ Cape

These capes are made of golden cloth sewn with images of feathers in gold thread.  The clasp is made of clear polished crystal that flashes parts of the spectrum when it catches any bright light.

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