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Fama’s Talisman – New Magic Item / A to Z Blogging Challenge [F]

7 April, 2011

When Milies Maximus’ Storm Crows arrive in town it is only a matter of hours before everyone knows that they are there



and only a bit longer before everyone knows what business they are there on.  Milies is a man famous for leading the Storm Crows into and out oftrouble, across the seas and over the plains, his fame is greater than his success but only just.

If one listens long enough, one will find that fame almost destroyed Milies’ once, he almost drank himself to death under the weight of it all.  Now he manages it better but occasionally their are cracks in the facade and dark rumors sometimes spring up only to be plastered over by acts of charity and heroic deeds.  Who knows what Milies is really like behind the mask?

Fama’s Talisman

These item are rare but well known, made of slices of ivory with Fama’s profile in gold over a pair of wings inlaid on one side and the other side slowly resolves from a general profile over a trumpet into that of the wearer in silver over the course of a week.  They are almost always hung from golden chains.

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