New Magic Item – Ring of Dark Power

15 February, 2010

Another semi-cursed item.

Ring of Dark Power

These rings are carved from ivory colored bone and inlaid with a silvery metal that is not silver. Looking at the ring the metal twists into writing, hinting at magical secrets and promises of power. The wearer will find their dreams haunted by shadows, whispers, and dark promises of power.

The least power of this ring is a +5 competence bonus to the wearer’s Spellcraft checks. The next is that the wearer can trade life force to increase the power of their spell, for each five hit points damage taken when a spell is cast, the wearer casts at one level higher and, if appropriate, can reroll -once- each “1″ rolled on any of the damage dice, up to 20 hit points may be spent in this way at once (but still only one reroll per die). Lastly, the wearer may take one point of Constitution damage to increase the Difficult Class of a spell as it is cast by one.

Each time the wearer trades lifeforce for power, it pushed open a hole between this world and the underworld. Sooner or later, things will start crossing over. The wearer will be warned by nightmares and the things will never harm the wearer, unless provoked. And, of course, the ring’s powers do not give bonuses against the beings it allowed to cross over but it will still happily take the wearers lifeforce.

Aura strong conjuration (calling); CL 11th
Slot ring; Price 25,000; Weight
Requirements Forge Ring, Dimensional Anchor, Planar Ally or Summon Monster VI; Cost 12,500 (+1,000 xp for D&D)

Notes: There is no predifined threshold for the hole between worlds opening, so it can be tailored to the most dramatic points in a campaign (or the most embarassing).

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