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Curse – Anniversary of Ashes

9 February, 2010

Sorry for the delay but yesterday was my birthday and my dad is in town visiting, so I just did not get to posting.  Will try to get a magic item up tomorrow to get everything back on schedule.

Every year, around the time he had put the young prince to death, the Usurper’s sleep was wracked by nightmares of his terrible deeds and his blood stained hands.  No spell or potion could give him rest during this time and his servants dreaded that time almost as much as the Usurper did.

Anniversary of Ashes

This curse is used to punish those that have destroyed someone or something loved by the caster.  Ashes from what was destroyed must be mixed with the caster’s blood, salt and the powdered petals of dried flowers which must be rolled into a small ball.  The caster must recite the name of that which they have lost, how and when it was destroyed and who was responsible then the ball must be thrown as the victim.  The ball vanishes and the victim feels a momentary wave of illness.

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