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Curse of the Tyrant’s Lament

27 February, 2010

Thought that I would wrap up the month of curses, curse-wise, with a greater, kingdom wrecking curse:

When King Sandovar II was crowned, having killed his two older brothers and forced his younger sister into a marriage with his firmest ally, his hold on power seemed unassailable.  A decade later, both of his sons were in open revolt against the king, his eight-year old nephew was the center of a rival claim to his throne and his second wife had just been executed for treason.  The dynasty did not survive long after as the internal power struggles tore both the family and the kingdom apart.

Tyrant’s Lament

This is a powerful and destructive curse, one that will ruin a bloodline and destroy a kingdom, it will unleash death, ruin and woe . . . yet vengeance will be wrought and the guilty will be punished though the innocent will suffer as well.

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