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Curse – Starving Heart

12 February, 2010

A curse of love as we move towards St. Valentine’s day.

“Abandoned again,” Larak cried.  “I offered her my love and she left me.  As the others have.  Like them, she will pay,” he growled and started to sharpen his knife.

Curse of the Starving Heart

A curse used by jilted lovers, jealous rivals and others who have let their own hearts be poisoned by the loss of love.  It requires the hair and some bodily fluid of the victim, the ashes of romantic poetry or a sacred text, spoiled mother’s milk and considerable blood from the caster.  This all must be brewed in a iron pot over flames fed by stolen wood for a night and a day.  The resulting sludge must be sealed in a clay pot with a lead stopper inscribed with the victims name and buried under a flowering plant under a full moon while the victim is sleeping nearby.  If the pot is found, cleansed by magic and then destroyed, the victim will be totally freed from the curse and the caster will suffer wracking pains when it is destroyed.

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