Down and Out in Taren Kost – Campaign Report Episode 14 – Road to Ruins

22 February, 2020

This takes place following Episode 13.

Our cast for this episode (for more information on the game background, see here):

Reed Greenbottle and Skathfka, later joined by Agrippa.  (Mercutio is a GMC for this episode.)

Episode 14: Road to Ruins

Nature reclaimsHaving been require to take a bodyguard with him by his mother, and choosing one Zyn the Watchful, a martial artist and Wayist, Skathfka sets out on his first royal expedition with his companions, two wagons, two hunters, a driver and a cook in tow.  Marcutio has found information about a stately pleasure dome from the pre-Sundering era, he could find no indication that it had been looted or even visited since then, and so the expedition heads for the distant mountains.

The first week of travel is through areas firmly held by the Baitam Clan and the new Patriarch is properly feted and welcomed as his visit various holdings.  Then the steppes beckon and signed of civilization become fewer and fewer as they travel toward the distant mountains.  The only trouble comes when they almost camp upon an ancient burial site, one of the wagons breaking the stone topping grave, the dead follow and attack them in the middle of the night.  The fight is going alright for our heroes until Agrippa shows up and swings it wildly in their favor..

Another week of travel bring them through the foothills to the mountains proper.  After some searching, they find an old road, much damaged by time and weather, cut into the mountainside.  It is save for people and mounts, but not wagons, so they leave those behind with the driver.  it takes the better part of two days to make it up the road, there were camp sites cut into the roadside which made resting safer and more pleasant.

Arriving at the top, the road decamps into a small lush and overgrown valley, there are remnants of a road leading through and some shells of stone buildings also overgrown.  Progress is slow and slowed further whne they are attacked by a giant three-headed cobra!  Which manages to kill Skathfka’s horse and wound just about everyone before it is slain.  It was not used to it prey fighting back and did not know what to do when engaged with multiple hostile beings.  So, our heroes rest and feast on snake and gathered food, the valley being full of edible plants and fruits, unusually so, so the suspicious that it was planted for just that purpose many, many years back.

The next morning they head further up the mountain, having to scramble over a collapsed wall and gate that guarded the next valley, a much larger one, rings with abandoned and decaying walls.  The wide valley is also overgrown having once been much more orderly with a river running down the middle.  Moving down into the valley, the remnants of a once extensive settlement were visible and following the river upstream they came to a cave mouth that had been worked and decorated, and fortified, the towers here still standing fire though showing signs of age.  The cave had been expanded with a road way running alongside the river and a bar relief carving showing a vast royal procession runs the length of the tunnel with opens into a massive caverns shaped into a dome with sunlight streaming down from above and considerable construction in the middle of a underground lake.  As they had approached the lake, there were the distant sounds of a dulcimer playing and then joined by singing . . .

And there was where we ended the session.

Notes: Back to this after a mere three month break what with the holidays and other campaigns.

Image overgrown ruins by Paul Williams and is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


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