Down and Out in Taren Kost – Campaign Report Episode 13 – Blood, Iron and Acid

16 November, 2019

This takes place directly after Episode 12.

Our cast for this episode (for more information on the game background, see here):

Reed Greenbottle, Mercutio, and Skathfka.

Episode 13: Blood, Iron and Acid

This episodes begins with the death the Patriarch Ogrash Baitam at the hands of his Astrologer, Yvrial, his claiming of the title of Patriarch and the arrival of the Ba’aikire.

Yvrial makes an appeal to Othral, Captain of the Black Vanguard, to support him and in exchange he will be unleashed.  Skathfka’s response is to spit acid at Yvrial and moves to bash him with a great club.  Reed and Mercution act to help him as they can with crossbow and magic.  Yvriel tried to save himself by throwing his followers in the way but to no avail as he is struck down by the vengeful Skathfka who then has to confront his uncle Othral as a swirling melee consumes the rest of the clan.  One of the Ba’aikire decides to hunt Reed leading to a chase back and fourth through the fight.  Mercutio uses his magic to protect himself (mirror image), sow chaos and help Reed and Skathfka.

Sort of like this but more DragonbornAfter much brutal combat, in which Skathfka is bolstered by his sister’s magic, Othral is finally struck a killing blow to the head.  Othral stays standing just long enough to anoint Skathfka with a smear of blood on the forehead before collapsing, dead, to the floor.  At that point there is a ringing as though a great bell was struck and the crown at the doorway to the great hall is brushed aside by a tall woman with golden scales surrounding her eyes, she identifies herself as the Ambassador from the Imperial Crown, the Ba’aikire immediately stop fighting and bow to her, acknowledging her authority.  She demands to know who is in charge and Shavrika, Skafka’s mother and clan high priestess, leaps up grabs her son’s arm and raises it high.  “He is!  Skathfka, is the new Patriarch by right of blood and conquest.”

The Ambassador looks to Observer Sulibaan from the House Steelwing, the Draconic House who ultimately rules, and he nods.  She the looks to Skathfka.  Shavrika bows, “One last task to seal the succession.” With that, she draw her ceremonial, and extremely sharp, dagger, carves open the (former) Patriarch’s chest, cuts out the heart and hands it to Skathfka to eat.  He does, with some trepidation, and the remaining Dragonborn erupt into cheers.

The next month is spent with: Skathfka trying to figure out how to institute a more humane governance over Clan Baitam.  Reed trying to form a unit of Secret Police for Skathfka.  And Mercutio, by use of alter self, tries to seduce every Dragonborn lady in the citadel while research possible treasure hunts in his spare time.  Finding clues to a lost, pre-Sundering, pleasure dome, they made plans for the first “Royal Expedition” by Skathfka.

Notes: The combat took most of the session but it is not that interesting to describe.

Image “Hamlet – Gasshô” by Carlos Ebert is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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