Down and Out in Taren Kost – Campaign Interlude 3

28 August, 2019

This adventure from Taren Kost follows from Episode 10 (you can find the initial adventures and cast list here).

Our cast for this interlude:

Reed Greenbottle and Skathfka

Interlude 3: Family and Comrades

The session started with some news from around the city:

  • The Serpent Stage will be boarded up due to unexplained supernatural occurrences until cleansed.
  • An auction of smuggled goods that the constabulary have recently seized will be held at the Gallow Grass.
  • A Visse city watchman, Aubry Foldcloth, was stabbed in the back near the Tears but is expected to recover from his wounds.
  • Apprentices at the Furriers Association got into a fight with apprentices from the Clothiers Fraternity near the Derbyshaws Cistern.

Reed decided to look into the attack on his fellow guard and Visse, visiting him in the civic infirmary.  Aubry is in good cheer for almost being killed and tells Reed he was just doing his job when thing went black and he woke up here.  They talk to his partner, Callahan, who explains that they were split up, looking for pickpockets, as it is usually a very safe area.  Heading to the watch station, they talked with Lt. Tornhelm, a valkyrie of a woman, a foreigner who has made her home in Taren Kost and gained citizenship through hard work, she note that another half inch and Aubry would have been killed and such precise knife work implies a high degree of skill.

Reed decides to investigate the place it happen, but does not find anything of use.  On their way, they notice that they are being followed, by a professional, they would not have notice if it was not for the large dog accompanying her.  “A dragonhound!” says Skathfka, “I have not seen one since leaving my home.”  When she realized she was made, she broke off but Reed was able to trail her back to the Blue Devil, an inn in the Night Ward.  After some hemming and hawing, they decide to go in.  There they find another Dragonborn, Elshamint, a sorcerer and cousin of Skathfka.  He has been hunting Skathfka as his presence is required to help settle a matter of succession in the Baitam Clan as the Patriarch is dying.  The woman who was following them is Rallia, a ranger, who controls the dragon hounds. Tys and Rys.  Elshamint has a bodyguard in the form of Teage, a large and tattooed slave warrior.  Elshamint puts a lot of pressure on Skathfka to return and he keeps deflecting.  Reed convinces Elshamint to loan them Rallia and a hound to hunt for Aubrey’s attacker.

Using the hound, they track, what they hope the attacker, back to the Silver Memories, an inn by the Tears, where they talk to Iris, the night manager, who tells them they need to speak with the Cobbertell family who were seated next to two suspicious looking characters the night of Aubrey’s attack but who are out sightseeing.  So, they wait.  The family returns and Reed questions them in his usual passive-aggressive manner, finally getting from the young daughter, who was eavesdropping even though she knew she should not have been, “That one of the men was mad because it was the wrong one.  And that they would have to try again.”

AlleywayReed decides to act as bait that night with Skathfka, Rallia and Tys backing him up.  He mounts a breastplate to his back, making him look a little hunchbacked and puts himself out as a target.  It works!  And he gets viciously, but not fatally, stabbed then everyone pours out of their hiding places and the killer tries to escape.  They use an illusion to force him down a further alleyway where he is badly worn down but the various attacks.  Reed scrambles up on the roof to keep him in sight and seeing a figure at the far end of the alley who says, “Sorry, Sully.”  And tosses an orb down the alley that explodes into a fireball!  Which almost toasts Skathfka and singes Reed, the attacker, needless to say, is completely incinerated.  A major conflagration is only averted by a rapidly organized bucket brigade.

Later investigating the wreckage of the killer, Reed finds evidence that the killer was part of the Alabaster Syndicate, a criminal group from a near by island and probably the people who backed the smugglers (seen in Interlude 2).  Reed realized that the killer had been sent for him and after crafting the evidence and story to try and make it look like this was part of a sinister plot against the city (which Reed heroically foiled), he convinced Skathfka that he needed to return home and bundled him off, with Reed accompanying him, immediately before more hired killers could appear.

Notes: With only two players, this was another interlude session hinging on an idea for Skathfka I had already written, some enemies Reed had made, and some random rolls from Abulafia.  It worked out pretty darn well.

Alleyway photo by Simon Carey, found on Wikimedia Commons and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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