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Tuesday Magic Item – Minion’s Coin

13 August, 2019

Be loyal to coin“His men seem very loyal,” said Voddick watching the rough looking crowd.

“I know, you would not expect it from such ruffians and ne’er-do-wells,” agreed Gollaon sipping at his wine.

“He pays well, I expect,” agreed Voddick, signalling for a refill of his mug of ale.  “But it seems more than that.”

“I agree,” sighed Gollaon.  “It is not that he is without charm but . . .”

“It is not the right sort of charm for these fellows.”

Gollaon’s eye lit up.  “Then it must be another sort of charm!”

Minion’s Coin

These coins are predominantly silver and slightly thinker than the usual coin for the region, they have symbols but no mark of value or place of origin noted on them.

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