Down and Out in Taren Kost – Campaign Interlude 2

7 July, 2019

Hay Hay NowThe latest adventures from Taren Kost following from Episode 8, which remains unresolved, so this takes places sometime (you can find the initial adventures and cast list here).

Our cast for this interlude:

Reed Greenbottle and Hartessa

Interlude 2: What Happened?

Reed and Hartessa decided to go out and have a good time . . . and then they woke up in the back of a wagon scattered with straw and heading out of the city and into the *shudder* countryside.  They find themselves without weapons or coin and as they are taking stock, a chicken pops up out of the straw and says to Reed “Thanks for saving me, man.”  Hartessa just hears squawks though.  Reed and the chicken talk for a while until he tries to give it away to the cart driver, whereupon the chicken says “I thought we were friends!” and ran off.

The soon arrive at the Depot, which is a staging ground where produces comes in from the farms and it is repackaged and sent into the city, minimizing the number of carts on the city streets.  They go to the head of the Depot, Dorrian Quarrel, who gives Reed a task to locate the people who are smuggling in untaxed grain, so he will have a legitimate reason for having visited the depot.

They head back to Taren Kost and into the baker’s district, where at Timmez Ral’s Fine Breads, bags of grain with forged tax stamps were found.  Ral claims he was tricked into buying the improper grain, but he also has a reputation of being cheap.  After talking with Ral, and his daughter Jessid -who is sweet on Reed, who grew up in the neighborhood-, and being unconvinced by his explanation, they decide to come back and stake out his bakery.  They detour back to the Gilded Lilly, where they find their weapons and money, having left it with one of the girls there “for safe keeping” after a retirement party for one of the civic guards, which apparently Reed and Hartessa attended and overindulged.  “And I heard that you spotted carrying a chicken?”  Reed mumbled excuses and left.

They return and take room with Old Thomas on the upper floor of the building across the alley from Ral’s bakery, staking it out.  In the late morning, an illicit delivery is made, they track the wagon back to a warehouse, which holds more smuggled goods.  They sneak in to investigate further, and when spotted, Reed escalates straight to violence, ending with five of the six smugglers dead or dying and one badly injured.  Reed turns it all over to his superiors and basks in the success of his bloody deeds.

Notes: With only two players, this was another interlude session made up of random rolls and half baked ideas.

We were back to the group in Episode 9.

Photo “A farmer transports hay by cart” by World Bank Photo Collection is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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