Down and Out in Taren Kost – Campaign Report Episode 10

21 August, 2019

This takes place shortly after Episode 9, surprisingly, it is a straight chronology from one game to another.

Our cast for this episode:

Reed Greenbottle, Hartessa and Mercutio

Episode 10: What a Bloody Mess!

Hartessa has been having visions of crackling, infernal fires and semi-formless humanoid things slipping through the edges of reality which has made her rest uneasy.  Reed is annoyed that the Grandmaster and his catspaw, the thief Katikins, have evaded capture and escaped.  Mercutio has found distraction with a pair of (fraternal) twins, Gor Galvinson and Helga Hransdottir, who are in Taren Kost seeking financing for a mead venture.  And in general news, due to the upswing in supernatural threats to the city, the Ghostchasers are actively recruiting for the first time in three generations.

Barrels of fun (or lemure)Mercutio is approached by a friend (?), well, at least a contact, Carvallio Gage to help import a shipment of Simithugic Blood Wine, a potent drink and rumored aphrodisiac.  A small contribution and some help bringing the barrels in gets him a one-quarter cut of the profits.  Pooling their funds, the characters have enough to finance the deal.  Wisely not trusting Gage to successfully complete the exchange on his own, they all go.

Arriving at Port Celesta on a large wagon, Hartessa feels something strange in the air and moving to investigate, finds a passel of lemures.  She is able to use her knowledge of hellish magics to contain them and finds some barrels to seal them into for later collection.  They continue on to the meet.

There Hartessa gets into a dice games with the teamsters while Mercutio takes the lead in negotiating the purchase from the cloaked figure selling the wine.  Mercutio wisely tests the wine, finds it good and has Gage pay the money.  The cloak figure makes their exit and the teamsters try to shake them down for additional payment, but agree to stake it on a throw of the dice, which Mercutio successfully finesses with his magic.  So, with some grumbling, the wagon is loaded.

Have some wineAlmost fully loaded with six barrels of wine, they stop to pick up the lemures, only to find one of the barrels has gone missing!  So, the load the remaining one and head on.  What they fail to notice, until it attacks the wagon, is that they are also being followed by an animate pool of blood, yes, a blood elemental!  Reed tried to get more speed from the oxen pulling the wagon while Hartessa and Mercutio engage it with magic.  The lemure barrel is smashed and they are thrown into the battle only to be brutally destroyed by the blood elemental.  Only the blood elemental stopping to consume a shattered barrel of wine saves the characters as the cart careens out of control and into a cabbage stall (a nod to Avatar: the Last Airbender).  Hatessa distracts the blood elemental by deliberately smashing another barrel of wine, over Mercution’s anguished protestations, just long enough for the cavalry to arrive in the form of Laresh Ghostchaser and some flashy magic.

The characters regroup, bandage their wounds, hire another wagon and limp back to Taren Kost where the remainder of the wine is sold for a small profit.

Notes: A fun game with some unanswered questions, as the players never asked them, but fun.

Top photo adapted from “Washington DC Barrels” by Pam_Broviak, lower “Wine Cellar, Hampton Court Palace” by Jessicastjohn both licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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