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Tuesday Magic Item – Bloodthirsty Sword

20 August, 2019

Look how many I have killed“I don’t like the look of this,” said Gollaon, rapidly doubling back into the alley.

“His men?” asked Voddick following, eye scanning for danger.

“Yes, and too many of them.”  He ducked down a side alley.  “Damn!”

Voddick readied his war hammer and drew a short sword with his off hand.  “I knew I shouldn’t  have left my shield behind today,” he grumbled.

Gollaon drew sword and fan.  “Well, at least he respects us enough to have sent his best thugs.”

“I am honored.”

Bloodthirsty Sword

While these weapons are usually of find make, there is something about them that appears disreputable and unwholesome, stains on the blade that never quite come of, a slight chip on the edge that always catches the light, and so on.

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