Tuesday Magic Item – Gifting Plate and Cup

24 December, 2013

Milk and CookiesLittle Hettie placed the slice of plum tart and poured some goat’s milk into the cup.  “Will the Green Folk like this mommy?”

“They with be charmed by it,” said her mother, placing her hand on Hettie’s shoulder, “and they will be kind to us in return for our kindness.”

Hettie smiled up at her mother and blow a kiss to the plate and cup.  “Keep this safe for the Green Folk.”

“Accept this gift in the spirit of kindness,” added her mother, taking Hettie’s hand.  “Now it is time for you to go to bed.”

Gifting Plate and Cup

These are often made of basic materials by less than expert hands and marked with a symbol showing who it belongs to, these are often highly idiosyncratic.  They are used for offerings to minor spirits and household gods.

The magic on them is simple, the first time each day food is placed in them, it is kept fresh for the next four hours; with a triggering gesture, and a slice of the user’s vitality (takes 1 temporary hit point of damage), it is kept fresh for 24-hours.

Aura faint transmutation; CL 1st
Slot none; Price 50; Weight 1 lbs
Construction Requirements
Create Wondrous Items, purify food and water; Cost 25

Notes: The inspiration for this is obvious but it makes good sense as folk magic.

Photo by John and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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