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Review – Dragonslayer Pantheon (updated)

8 December, 2013

The Dragonslayer Pantheon products by Chubby Monster Games are designed by author Andrew Shields to be incorporated into existing game worlds and provide a new take on one of the religions attached to a god.  Each religious order presented includes the common knowledge about the order as well as the secret knowledge of the initiated, non-player characters tied to the order, its practices, suggestions for power levels and adventure hooks using the order and advice for incorporating the group into an existing setting.

Dragonslayer Pantheon: Order of the Sacred Deep is a mystery cult dedicated to keeping the secrets of the caves and under-earth, secret.  They are shadowy but not evil, though their action could easily prove disruptive to adventurers, they are not overly confrontational -in most cases- more an annoyance.  Yet they could also become allies under certain circumstances.  A very flexible group that could be entirely overlooked by player character yet could still impact them in interesting ways.  Also, this volume, the first of the Dragonslayer Pantheon products is free, so you can try it without risk and see if the structure and layout appeal to you.

Dragonslayer Pantheon: The Brass Horseshoe is a branch of a warrior cult Read the rest of this entry ?

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