Tuesday Magic Item – Manticora Box

4 December, 2012

This side towards enemy“Set up the manticora boxes covering the most likely approaches,” order Ordinance Sargent Goxe.

“Yes, sir,” replied the squad.  They hated working with the boxes but they hated the idea of facing an army of Lorex Tribal Warriors without having something to reduce their numbers.

“Make sure they have clear lines to scythe through,” called out Goxe after them.  “And you, crossbowmen, take up positions, we cannot afford to be surprised.”

Manticora Box

These items blend the alchemical and magical arts, they are not much to look at, a rather unpleasant metal box about the size of a loaf of bread, one side of with is stamped with an image of a manticore.  The bottom has a pad of cork aggregate or similar material attached to keep it from sliding once it has been set down.  Some have cords attached, while others use a magical disc reader and still others use a control word.

The Manticora Box is a magical weapon, once placed, it can be detonated in various way depending on its design:

  • A pull cord trigger, which can be building into a tripwire.
  • A magical sensor with triggering condition set by magical discs inserted into the device.
  • A command word or phrase.

When triggered it releases an explosive volley of metal spikes from the side with the manticore stamped upon it, a 30′ cone effect inflicting 4d12 points of piercing damage, Reflex save (DC 18) for half damage and a Fortitude Save (DC 15) for those in the area to avoid being deafened for 2d6 rounds as well.  The manticora box is consumed in the volley leaving nothing by a few spare fragments of metal behind.

Disarming a pull cord version is usually fairly simple, taking only a DC 20 disable device check, if it is not a tripwire setup then accessing the cord could prove difficult.  The magical sensor version detects in a 20′ cone from the front of the box and is usually set to trigger when it detects an appropriate sized creature, though some are more sophisticated and try to refine their targeting even more but they are usually more unreliable.  Command word or phrases to trigger them are usually: obscure and must be shouted.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 6th
Slot none; Price 800; Weight 6 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item and 5 ranks in Craft: Alchemy, enlarge person, fireball, magic weapon; Cost 400

With a magical sensor add +300 to price, alarm and arcane sight to Construction Requirements and +150 to cost.

Notes: Yes, it is a magical Claymore mine, in case you are playing in fantasy f*(%ing Vietnam.

Photo by Richard Taylor and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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