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New Magic Item – Winter Solstice Sickle

21 December, 2012

“Tonight we claim the Dark for ourselves and forever!” called out the High Priest.

Around him his followers silently raised their sickles to the winter stars, only the edges reflected the starlight.

“Darkness now, darkness forever!” the High Priest called, leading them to final battle.

Winter Solstice Sickle

These sickles’ blades are forged from a black metal, dull and unreflective, yet the edge is as bright as the crescent moon.  The grip is usually dark wood or bone wrapped in dark leather.  The metal of the blade is always cold to the touch and if left out in cold weather, will often be found with a rime of frost.

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Items of Power and Ambition now for sale!

21 December, 2012
Items of magic, power and ambition.

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Items of Power and Ambition!

This is a collection of magic items for Pathfinder with wonderful illustrations from Tamás Baranya and written by me!  Go and buy someone a Solstice present of wonderful magic items!

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