New Magic Item – Jade Oroboros

19 August, 2010

“I may die but I will not fall!” cried the priest, dropping to his knees as the dark magic crushed the life from him.

“We shall see,” cackled the foul blood wizard and began a chant to animate the poor man’s body.  As the body swayed and began to stand, the jade bracelet flared with magical fire.  Within seconds, the priests body was consumed with holy fire, leaving nothing but ash behind.

One Magic item, two systems, first off, Legend of the Five Rings (4th edition):

Jade (or Chuda) Oroboros

These exquisite bracelets are made of delicately carved jade in the form of an oroboros (a snake eating its own tail).  Each one is specifically made for each member of the Chuda shugenja school from a piece of jade that has been with that person since birth (or since they joined the Chuda school).

The Jade Oroboros is awakened to the single purpose of keeping its wearer from falling to the Dark.  As long as it is worn, the wearer may add their Honor to any roll to resist the taint as long as it was not caused by their own actions and they may add their Chuda school rank to their armor TN against any tainted creature.

However, should the wearer every fall to the taint or be raised as one of the walking dead, the oroboros consumes the wearer in purifying jade flames that cause [Earth + Void]K[Earth + Void] damage with a minimum per die of the wearer’s honor rank and the wearer’s hand below the bracelet is destroyed.

And for Pathfinder:

Jade Oroboros

These exquisite bracelets are made of delicately carved jade in the form of an oroboros (a snake eating its own tail).

The Jade Oroboros can only be put on willingly and once that is attempted, the potential wearer knows that once it is placed on the wrist, it cannot be removed and they can choose not to go through with it.  The Jade Oroboros gives its wearer a +3 sacred bonus to resist any effects that would corrupt or taint his spiritual essence (this includes effects such as level drains) and it provides a +1 sacred bonus to armor class against evil outsiders.

But primarily the Jade Oroboros is a defense against falling to the Dark, if the wearer ever becomes spiritually evil, succumbs to spiritual taint or is transformed into one of the unliving the oroboros consumes its wearer in purifying jade fire causing the wearer’s level in d8s of holy damage adding the higher of the wearer’s Wisdom or Charisma modifier to each die, no save, and the hand beneath the bracelet is destroyed.

Aura strong abjuration; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 2,750; Weight
Requirements Create Wondrous Item, arcane lock or stone shape, contingency or quest, detect evil, fireball or searing light, protection from evil; Cost 1,375 (+110 xp for D&D)

Note: A odd defensive item, partly in support of my revised Snake Clan.



  1. Great item, particularly as it’s not a guaranteed kill. The idea of a maimed, flame-scarred villain who survived one of these would be a twist for those who knew what they did.

    • Or a one-handed villain, the other option is to hack off your right arm before you go so far as to trigger it. But, yes, the idea of someone who has survived the flames is quite visually powerful and worth pursuing if I ever have a Chuda in my campaign.

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