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L5R JYTB Campaign Report 18

28 August, 2010

Scorpion Surprise

This interlude took place the earliest of the three, shortly after Soshi Utami gets back to Scorpion lands in late Summer and finds her commission as a Gunso in the 7th Bayushi Legion activated and she is sent to the Yogo Towers.  Once there Soshi Utami is called before the Scorpion Magistrate Bayushi Minhzang who dispatches her to see what has happened to a small Unicorn caravan, lead by Ide Yat-Sen, that has gone missing in the hills.  The caravan headed up the Crescent Moon Pass to get from the Yogo Towers to Beiden Pass.  They never arrived.

Utami is given command on a newly formed patrol consisting of two Scorpion samurai, a pair of Bayushi cousins -Jojuri and Roiki- who loath each other, Yogo Toshiro, a Soshi-trained shugenja, and five newly recruited ashigaru.  Utami meets her peers over dinner and outlines their mission and schedule.

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