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L5R JYTB Campaign Report 17

14 August, 2010

Hunters hunt Hunters

While Hida Yo serves on the Wall, Toku Kobo has returned to Monkey Lands to attend the marriage of his Daimyo and his own.  Toku Jihime, Daimyo of the Monkey, takes Shinjo Yamada as her husband, helping to diversify the Monkey’s economic base by bringing in a set of fine horses to be bred and raised in the lands of the Monkey.  Toku Kobo takes Matsu Sakurako as his bride, the proud Matsu is devoted to the ideal of loyal service and will not fail at her tasks, even that of being a wife . . . even if her husband is not the man she had hoped for.  (Kobo -and T2 Kobo’s player- has done nothing but complain since the marriage was announced, welcome to the bitter betrothal disadvantage Toku Kobo.  You asked for it.) Read the rest of this entry ?

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