Wandering the Web [6]

28 October, 2010

A variety of interesting articles I have stumbled across in my recent explorations:

An amazing eleven or so minutes of film called “A Trip Down Market Street“, shot from a street car in San Francisco just weeks before the great earthquake tore the city apart.  A fascinating look at a different time.

Germany makes its last payment on its debts imposed by the Versailles Treaty after the Great War and another view on it, explaining why it took so long.  Fascinating to realize that this debt has only just been paid off almost 90 years (and another world war, two if you could the cold war) later.  Well done Germany.

Need creepy things for Call of Cthulu?  How about the largest collection of animal specimens preserved in glass jars at the Berlin Museum.

In Praise of Fast Food, read it to be reminded of what our ancestors (and people in most fantasy game worlds) have to do just to eat.

Another route to space?  Look at the Skylon spaceplane.

And for a slower but still interesting way to travel, a replica Phoenician ship just returned to Syria after a two year journey circumnavigating Africa.

Things to inspire writers, it is almost time for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) again, come on it is only 50,000 words in 30 days, easy peasy.  Right?  If that seems a bit overwhelming, what about just 750 words a day?  A fun site that encourage you to write by giving you fun badges and other inspirational bits.

For artists (and writers too) there is the 30 Characters Challenge, one character a day, every day in November (but signup closes on end of day 29 Oct).

That should be enough for now!  Enjoy.

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