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To Madison (WI) and Beyond!

19 September, 2011

So, this last week my wife and I traveled to Madison (WI) for ACD Distribution‘s Game Day, which is actually two days of seminars, meet and greet and companies showing off their new products.   The story of our trip follows for those interested:

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Tuesday Magic Item – Wanderer’s Talisman

13 September, 2011

“The old man who gathered windfall in the woods passed it to me and now I give it to you.  It is a small thing, but it will keep you safe and guard you on your path,” he said, folding my hands around the worn silver talisman.

“Thank you,” I said, the amulet still warm from his hand.  “I will keep it near to me always.” He smiled.

As I put it on, I felt more secure in some way I could not explain.

Wanderer’s Talisman

A simple silver talisman, often worn from handling.  Rarely found on a chain but more often tied to a cord or string.

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New Magic Item – Zardarian’s Doorways

31 January, 2011

“Come Aurea,” said Zardarian with a smile, “I have something to show you.”

“Yes?” she asked, following curiously.

“Here we go,” he said gesturing to a newly installed door as he produced a silver chased key.  With a soft ‘snick’ he unlocked the door and pushed it open.  On the other side was a well appointed study, soft light coming through the window.

“Is that not you study . . . in Taren Kost?”

He nodded and smiled. “Yes, a hundred miles away.”

Zardarian’s Doorways

These doorways are made together, with the frames are all made from a single section of wood cut for each frame.  Each is constructed to be as close too identical with each of the others as possible, down to matching the grain of the wood and the polish of the handle.

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Wandering the Web [6]

28 October, 2010

A variety of interesting articles I have stumbled across in my recent explorations:

An amazing eleven or so minutes of film called “A Trip Down Market Street“, shot from a street car in San Francisco just weeks before the great earthquake tore the city apart.  A fascinating look at a different time.

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To GenCon!

4 August, 2010

By the time this posts, I should be on my way to the Atlanta airport for my flight to GenCon.  Looking forward to arriving at the yearly gathering of our tribe.

My GenCon schedule is here for those that wish to find me.

Hope you all have a good time, even if you cannot make it to GenCon.  Go Play and have fun wherever you are.  Will have news, reports and (maybe) rumors when I return.


Amatha Lilly-of-the-Stars, Skyship Pilot and Explorer

28 May, 2010

Sorry this is late, I seem to have been suffering from a dearth of inspiration this week.

Amatha Lilly-of-the-Stars, Skyship Pilot and Explorer

Quote: There is no finer way to travel then in the sky.
Here we go!

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Tuesday Magic Item – Traveling Towel

25 May, 2010

In honor of Towel Day, an item for the galactic hitchhiker in us all:

Traveling Towel

These hard wearing pieces of cloth are useful in a thousand and one circumstance.  While usually just a simple solid color, sometime they are found with patterns or even with fringes.

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