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Interesting Thoughts from Other Gamers (3)

5 September, 2009

There are some good signal among the noise out there.  Here are some things I have enjoyed lately:

Exchange of Realities has a good article on Creating Rituals through Symbolism that is thought provoking and part of a set of article about rituals and their use.

Up at the Grognard’s Lawn is a fun article about TV Shows that would make Awesome Games!  The main focus has been on cartoons and animated series but the title is not limited to just those genres.

Over at Chaotic Shiney they are having a Monster Creation Contest.  It is designed primarily for D&D 4e but anyone can play.

The Alexandrian has a fascinating set of resources for D&D.  The one that led me there was the discussion of dissociated mechanics (game mechanics that have no basis in the reality of the game world) which is quite fascinating.

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