L5R Campaign – Player Characters

20 January, 2010

Tentative Campaign Name: Junior Yoriki Team B (It will make sense later, trust me)

For the L5R campaign we are now using 4th Edition L5R rules, initially using starting characters fresh from their gempukku.

They are (from session 1):

Hida Yo (Hida Bushi, Rank 3), traditional Crab warrior, large and uses a big stick.  Also interested in all of his family’s arts but in undecided about pursuing them.  Yo is expected to be a great storyteller, but he is still working on this.  Constantly upbraided by the spirit of his grandfather, Kiau Tomi.  (Played by J who has not played L5R since 1st edition.)  Formerly Kiau Yo but changed to Hida in Episode 16 when we converted to 4th edition and J could not resist taking Hida as an ancestor.  Gained a magical jade leg (from just below the knee) in Episode 20.

Soshi Utami (Bayushi Bushi, Rank 3), swift samurai-ko with a taste for the finer things.  Suffers from occasional visit from her ancestor, Bayushi Jinako.  Another ancestor, the famed courtier Soshi Yamahime, whose reputation has recently been called into question.   Recently promoted to Scorpion Clan magistrate. (Played by T who also has not played L5R since 1st edition.)

Usagi Okakura (Usagi Bushi, Rank 1, KIA Episode 9), unfortunate Hare clan samurai, of low status even for a minor clansman as his ancestor, Usagi Joton, was a known coward (his spirit denies this).  Additionally, he hunted by Bayushi Sen for an insult given by Okakura’s ancestor to Sen’s.   Torn apart by a Hopping Vampire.   (Played by Z who is new to L5R but not to roleplaying.)

Joining Session 2 :

Toku Kobo (Toku Bushi, Rank 3), idealistic, noble, gullible and brave to the point of foolhardiness.  Likely to lead a short but exciting life.  Inherited a war fan that is said to be a nemurani.  Currently seeking to become an Emerald Magistrate through hard work as a yoriki, so far he has only attained the rank of Monkey Clan Magistrate.   Married, unhappily, to Sakurako, a former Matsu.  Gained a magical jade left hand as of episode 20.  (Played by T2 who has not played RPGs before but is a L5R CCG player.)

The nun, Hyoko, of the Sisters of Redemption.  An NPC and, as such, quiet support.  Partly along as an honor attendant for the Scorpion samurai-ko as the nuns of the Lonely Mountain Shrine consider it improper that she traveled without female company.  Whereabouts currently unknown.

Guest Starring Session 4 and in random games since:

Oda, young monk of the Order of Osano Wo (Rank 1), a large martial artist who seeks enlightenment more through martial action that contemplation.  (Played by M, an old hand at L5R and RPG but the first time he has been in one of my games.)

Guest Starring Session 5, returning 9-13:

Doji Chikako, young courtly shugenja (Ashahina school, Rank 2), cousin of Doji Akira and newly appointed Crane diplomat, with a slightly unfortunate reputation.  Petite and charming.  Last seen on her way to the Doji Courtier’s school.  (Played by my lovely wife L.)

Guest starring Session 10:

Suzume Sachi (Sparrow Bushi, Rank 2), a Sparrow clan diplomat sent to the Monkey Clan’s Winter Court.  Widely read but, so far, unworldly.  (Played by Z. as his temporary replacement for the killed Usagi.)

Guest starring Session 15:

Ichiro (Monk, rank 1), a warrior-monk traveling the Phoenix lands.  (Played by D., yet another of the ‘have not played since 1st edition’ crew.)

Joining Session 17:

Kitsune Kyoden (Kitsune Shugenja, rank 2).  Skilled shugenja if unworldly, a new addition to JYTB.  Recruited by Doji Akira to provide the team with spiritual support.  Gained a magical jade heart as of Episode 20.  (Played by Z as his new character.)

Joining Episode 21 and appearing randomly:

Moto Amon (Moto Bushi, rank 2).  A wild man from the steps given to Doji Akira’s service as thanks for helping an Unicorn diplomat and he passed him onto JYTB.  A skilled horseman and warrior but uncouth and uncivilized.  (Played by C, a new player to L5R and its setting, but with some RPG experience.)

Joining  Episode 22:

Akodo Katsu (Akodo Bushi, rank 1).  A noble Lion who took it upon himself to try to keep Imperial law in Samuzora until an Imperial magistrate could be sent.  Possibly too honorable for his own good.  (Played by H, who is an experience RPG player but has not played much L5R though he is very up on the setting especially the Lion Clan.)

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