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Travel in the Sea of Stars and this month’s Blog Carnival

23 January, 2010

It turns out that this month’s Blog Carnival is Games and Travel, which I was entirely unaware of when I choose travel as my theme for the month of JanuaryBlog Carnival - Games and Travel.

This month has seen the following travel-themed posts about the Sea of Stars:

Flying Mounts and Other Magical Beast for Travel, are flying horses worthwhile?

Magical Travel in the Sea of Stars, teleportation not always the safest route here.

The Seven Gate Cites, for trade, transit and wonder.

Star Ships and Sky Ships, what there are and how they work in the Sea of Stars.

Sailors of the Sea of Stars, people who work of the star and sky ships.

Trade in the Sea of Stars, how trade effects travel.

Worlds Beyond the Sea of Stars, other places beyond.

And the following travel related magic items:

Safety Belt and Deluxe Safety Belt, safety first!  Especially when traveling the space between the stars.

Soldier’s Sandals, for the army on the go.

Traveler’s Cloak, to make that long distance travel more comfortable.

I will update this through the month.  Fun to be part of the Blog Carnival again.

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