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Why Open Design and DiTerlizzi are cool

3 January, 2010
Quickling by DiTerlizzi


Had a nice start to the New Year when I found a big padded in my mail from Open Design.  It turns out that I won the latest Open Design Podcast contest!  Inside was a beautiful piece of original art by the talented Tony DiTerlizzi! .) (I have loved DiTerlizzi’s art since his wonderful work on the  Planescape setting.)  Specifically, a quickling (a fey), which my wife took off to be framed (which we will take a picture of and post  as soon as it is back from the frame shop).

So, thank you Tony DiTerlizzi and Open Design Podcast!  You should enjoy DiTerlizzi’s excellent art and listen to the fun Open Design Podcast (and you can enter for nifty prizes too).

Hope everyone else’s 2010 is off to a good start as well.

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