GenCon Approaches! And where to find me.

31 July, 2014

Less than two week until GenCon and I am furiously trying to get everything ready for my adventures.  This is the most sustained game preparation I do all year.

Places you can catch up with me at GenCon:

My L5R RPG adventure are all in the Hyatt Regency, Rooms A & B, starting at the following times:

RPG1454530     Obsidian Night    Thursday 9:00 AM

RPG1454532     Light of Jade        Thursday 2:00 PM

RPG1454533     Light of Jade        Friday 1:00 PM

RPG1454463     Obsidian Night    Friday 7:00 PM

RPG1454534     Light of Jade        Saturday 10:00 AM

RPG1454531     Obsidian Night    Saturday 6:00 PM

RPG1454535     Light of Jade        Sunday 10:00 AM

Obsidian Night is the intro game and Light of Jade is the advanced one, players with generic tickets are always welcome if there is space available and each is a four hour timeslot.  I will also be free to talk (a little) before hand and afterward.

I have a dinner with friends planned for Thursday and not sure what other scheduled events I will hit up, but I hope to find time for at least one or two.  Any recommendations that will fit into my schedule?  I will also be around Sunday evening after the Con closes (and I help pack away the booth).  Drop me a note here or via email if you want to try and meet up.

My (hopefully useful) advice for those going to GenCon.

All who are going, have a great convention.  All who are not, have a great time anyway.

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