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Tuesday Magic Item – Grocer’s Chest

15 July, 2014

Chest“My compliment to your cook,” said the King of Vekonia, guest of the Royal Court of Navir.  “A truly spectacular meal with everything as perfect as you ask for.  Truly a marvel.”

“My chief has agents scouring near and far to find the best and most delicious ingredients for our table,” said the Queen of Navir.  “They have never failed to amaze and impress.”

“Count me among those amazed and impressed, your majesty,” said the Vekonian King.

“We shall assign the chief’s services to you while you are our guest,” smiled the Queen.

Grocer’s Chest

These carefully made chests fit together perfectly, the seams sealed and the rims scribed with protective runes.  The hinges are etched with runes and oiled.  Each has a lock built into the frame which is carved with sigils but inside and out.  When it is closed, one of these chests is cold to the touch.

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