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Tuesday Magic Item – Ypisaran Blades and Scales

1 July, 2014
Sharp as crystal.

Blade shaping in progress.

“Snakefolk wearing scale armor just seems . . . odd,” commented Esseoros the Archer, following the others into the cool shade of the inn.

“The salt they are made from is not suitable for other types of armor,” said Izzar Vek, scholar and sorcerer, taking a seat.

Kindri Diamondedge rubbed beeswax over her hands.  “Generally I like places built of stone, but everything here being made of salt.  It is not quite right.”

“You use what you have,” said the served, placing glasses of spiced ale on the table in front of the travelers.

“True,” agreed Kindri, tossing the server a half silver.  “And salt is what we are here to buy, though not salt shaped into walls, weapons or armor.”

Ypisaran Blade (Salt Sword)

These weapons are carefully crafted from salt using both magic and craftsmanship, shaped and honed to a dangerous edge.  Traditionally, the grip is wrapped in either shark or snake skin.  The magically strengthened salt is sharp and hard, but brittle.   A freshly made Ypisaran Blade is a fine weapon which takes well to some enchantments but not to others.

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