L5R New Lands to the North – Autumn to Winter

18 July, 2012

After the unusual events of Autumn, rumors of war reach the Valley of White Flowers as the days become shorter and colder, omens of hardship and worse abound.

Daimyo Isawa Natsumi, sees that the harvest is properly stored and protected, thanking her people for their hard work and a job well done.  She steps up training of the new locally raised ashigaru, sadly weaponry and armor is in short supply for them, and works with the Akodo to improve the defenses of the Valley.

Asako Taysuke, continues his quest to learn Yobanjin magics, even while suffering from the ill-effects of spirit sickness.   He makes a detailed records as possible on the information he has learned so far, carefully cyphered, and sent back to the Phoenix lands.    Taysuke ties to let the people of the valley see more of Rokugan and is way through his storytelling  visualized with illusion magic.

Kitsuki Nenzo, tries to discover what drove Isawa Katai’s disastrous attack on the Kempeitai and if it is part of some larger threat.  Mopes around after his wife leaves.

Shiba Shyuan, deeply mourns the loss of her brother (with whom she had a karmic tie) and throws herself into physical activity to try and exhaust herself.

Kemuri, continues to try and build his criminal network, establishing ties among the transient workers, smugglers and other lower status individual.  He begins establishing a framework for a proper black market and uses his ties to the authorities to put pressure on those that oppose his plans.

Shigeru, continues work on the Temple. Perform a long penance/fast for his hostile feelings and act towards the Kempeitai. Starts training novices in basic medicine and begins stockpiling medical supplies again time of need (such as the looming war).

Akodo Raion, rides with the two surviving Kempeitai soldiers to the 7th Imperial Legion headquarter (pausing to visit and meditate over his actions and recent events at his brother’s shrine), presenting a full report of the current situation at the Valley of White Flowers and the death of Gunso Ikoma Koki.  Riding quickly back, newly promoted to Nikutai and given charge of the two Matsu,  he begin preparing for the oncoming threat of invasion, gathering what resources he can in cooperation with the daimyo.

Next and final chapter: Winter War.


  1. Booyah! I get to control five to ten hohei! Hohei HO!

    • You get five Matsu and be happy about it.

      • Five Matsu constitutes an army by any standard. 🙂

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