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New Feat – Icewalker (WiC)

25 September, 2011


You have lived among ice and snow are are adept at maneuvering in cold and ice-shrouded terrain.

Prerequisite: Dexterity 11, having lived for at least a year in cold and icy lands.

Benefit: You can move through difficult terrain that is defined as frozen, ice or snow without penalty.  If using the Ice Surface rules, you gain a +4 bonus to these Acrobatic checks and retain your Dexterity bonus when gaining extra movement.

You also gain a +2 bonus to keep your footing on other low-friction or slick terrain.

Notes: Just a fun little feat.  My second contribution to the Wombat’s Gaming Den of Iniquity‘s Winter is Coming blog carnival.


Tuesday Magic Item – Claws of the Yeti

20 September, 2011

The bandit scrambled up the frozen wall like a spider up a branch.  Leaving his companions behind to be slaughtered.  Kazrig, our ranger, tried to follow but dowslid n the slick wall almost instantly.  “Damn that coward!” he shouted.

“Well, better than fighting another one,” said Levian the Black cleaning his sword.  “I prefer my enemies to flee in terror.”

“Wonder how he climbed so fast?”

“When we catch him, we will ask.”

Claws of the Yeti

These gloves are made of thick white leather, lined with coarse white fur.  They are surprisingly warm and comfortable once put on.

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