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Tuesday Magic Item – Rapnos Bell

25 October, 2022

You rang?Gollaon wrapped the silver chain around their offhand.  “Ready?”

Voddick checked the wards on his shield.  “As I am likely to be.  Hunting the unliving is not my favorite thing.”

“But it has to be done, they are like a plague, consuming and destroying, nothing good comes from it.”

“Aye, I agree,” nodded Voddick.  “Still a nasty job.”

“Wich is why it is paying so well.”

Rapnos Bell

These bells are handheld though a little large for easy carrying but not impossible.  They always seem ancient, even newly made ones acquire the appearance of decades of existence within days of being made.  They are often decorated with symbols of protection and a restful death.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Accursed Bone Arrow

16 October, 2018

Carved boneGollaon took cover behind Voddick’s shield as the arrows rained down, several shattered into white and yellowed fragments.  One of the soldiers beside them howled in pain and then feel silent.

“Bastards!” said Gollaon, unlimbering his short sword.

“What foul magic are they using now?” asked Voddick.

“Accused arrows,” said Gollaon.  “Those killed by them rise as the unliving.”


Accursed Bone Arrow

These arrows are tipped in bone arrow heads and often have bone shafts but they are always light and fragile and must be treated with care.  They suck the moisture out of anything they are in contact with so they are best stored in metal containers.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Overo’s Last Blade

27 October, 2015

Black Blade

“Cannot say that I like the look of the commander’s new sword,” said Voddick.

“Nor I,” agreed Gollaon idly tuning a lute.  “There is something about it something . . .”

“Evil?” suggested Voddick, sipping at his mug of mulled wine.

“Exactly.  I keep thinking that I recognize it.  Something about a duelist, but I just cannot remember.”

“Well, no good will come of it.  Of that, I am sure.”

Overo’s Last Blade

Commissioned for Overo Dirgeblade, the infamous necrourgist-duelist of Vartoria, it is a black steel rapier with prayers for the dying etched along the blade.  A silver skull with cut onyx decorating the eye sockets forms the pommel and the grip is wrapped in black mourning cloth.  He only used the sword for a year before he was slain in the Sorcery Riots that tore down the ruling aristocrat-wizards and installed the new Republic of Vartoria.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Heart Nail

20 October, 2015

Hammer it inVoddick cleaned his sword and frowned.  “It that a nail in the chest of that unliving corpse we just put down?”

Gollaon looked from where his was cleaning the wound to his forearm.  “I think you are right.”

“Bugger,” said Voddick, pulling a dagger from his belt.  He stepped over to the corpse, knelt down and dug the nail out of the body with his dagger.

“Messy work,” commented his friend.

“Some of the dead brought back with nails like this do not stay dead.  Lost two members of a patrol to a nailed corpse once.  Not again.”

“I am glad you recognized that.  I have not encountered such before.”

Heart Nail

These nails are at least as long as a grown man’s hand and the metal used to make them is often pitted and scarred.  They seem heavier than they should be and they are as cold as ice when inactive and as warm as blood when they have been prepared.  Made from the metal of weapons that had been used to kill, the fires used to forge the nail must be stoked with bones and the finished nail quenched in fresh blood.

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Necrourgists (A to Z Challenge, N)

16 April, 2015


(For an explanation of the term, visit this post)

Raw material for an enterprising necrourgistThose who specialize in the magic and manipulation of death are not that rare in the Sea of Stars but they are rarely very popular, it strikes most people as something that is best left alone (though some states encourage its use such the Dark Star Dominion or the High Kingdom of Laccini).  The Empress does not favor it as a path of magic but nor does she condemn it, leaving it as just one of the many routes to magical power.

Necrourgy is a comparatively new field of open and accepted magical study, its study and use was suppressed  in the age of the gods leading to isolated practitioners and secretive organizations of necrourgists.  In the thousand years since the Sundering it has rose to be an accepted (if unpopular) part of the magical fields of study, the objections of the Sun Cult to such magic are tacitly ignored.

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New Monster – Phantom Warrior

27 March, 2014

Betrayed!  I will be back!Phantom Warrior (CR +1)

The phantom warrior is an echo of a warrior’s spirit who left behind an unfinished task in life, they exist only to called back by strong emotion or magic to attempt to complete that last task in some fashion.

A phantom warrior rarely has an independent existence, they are usually tied to and item of event and are summoned by some trigger to appear in an attempt to complete their unfinished task. Their perception of their status as a spiritual echo is faint and they tend to perceive the world as it had been with the completion of the one task their overriding goal which can make interacting with them difficult.

A phantom warrior looks as a faded version of how they last appeared in life, and when incorporeal light will pass through them, complete with echoes of the equipment they were carrying.

Creating a Phantom warrior

Phantom warrior” is an acquired template that can be added to any living creature that has a Charisma score of at least 6 and can feel devotion to a cause. A phantom warrior retains all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. Read the rest of this entry ?


New Monster – Boneflower Skeleton (Template)

22 October, 2012

Coming through the dark and leafless woods is the moving skeleton of a massive stag, the span of its antlers wider by far than a tall man’s outstretched arms.  Its body was bare of flesh, the bones bleached white and dotted with flowers equally as white, for This irish Elk is still ready to fight!a moment, when the moonlight shown down, it almost seemed a being of purity, rather than the unnatural terror it was.

Boneflower Skeleton Irish Elk (Megaloceros) CR 3 (XP 900)
NE Large undead
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60′; Perception +1

AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 13 (+2 Dex, +4 natural, –1 size)
hp 26 (4d8+8)
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +5
Special Defenses DR 5/bludgeoning, immunity to cold, undead traits
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New Monster – Deep Miner

27 January, 2012

A sickly green glow lights the corridor as an emaciated specter of a dwarven miner emerges from the wall.  The wreckage of a dwarven soul mutters to himself, his eyes unfocused until he sees the gold ring on your finger.  “Gold!” it cries, a spectral pick appearing in its hand as it charges towards you.

Deep Miner                                                  CR 5 (1,600 XP)
NE medium undead (incorporeal)
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New Magic Item – Ghoul’s Claw

26 October, 2011

The dagger was not much to look at, a curved blade, pitted by corrosion, and a bone handle wrapped in poorly tanned leather.  But it had killed our friend, Naval, the blade opened him up and left him bleeding and gasping in pain.  The foul little man who had used the dagger had escaped but Aja’s whip took the dagger from his hand.

Ghoul's Claw

Ghoul's Claw

“We should go after that murderer,” hissed Valish.

Aja coiled his whip.  “Let us tend to Naval first, that old man tain’t be much of a threat without this here knife.”

“What if he has others?”

 Ghoul’s Claw

This daggers, often with curved blades, are crudely forged from poor quality steel and quenched in dead men’s blood.  The handle is almost always made of human bone, but bone in any case.  While the blade may start to rust or corrode, it never does so far as to render it unusable.

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New Spell – Spirit Harvest, Lesser

27 May, 2011

The necrourgist moved among the recent dead, chanting and flashing a crystal on a silver chain.  The bodies of the freshly slain occasionally twitched as the chant hit a high point.  At the conclusion of the chant, he held the crystal high and wisps of twisting spritstuff were pulled from the bodies into the crystal.

Spirit Harvest, Lesser

School necrourgy [evil, spirit]; Level Cleric/Oracle 3, Necrourgist 2, Sorcerer/Wizard 3
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