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Aspect of Winter [Template]

23 December, 2010

The guide’s hair had gone snowy-white at eighteen, we were told, and his eyes were a pure pale blue like ice.  As he lead us through the high pass, he never worried about his footing.  We were amazed, and a bit envious, of his skills but glad that we had paid the gold for his aid.

Aspect of Winter [Template]

Those granted the touch of Winter appear hard if a bit haggard, they are stalwart and unyielding.  Sometimes the chosen of winter skins becomes pales and their hair is prone to going silver or white and their eye color is always a pure tone, often blue.

Creating an Aspect of Winter

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Template – Aspect of Autumn

1 October, 2010

I could tell there was something different in the old traveler, while he was ancient, age had not bowed him.  He watched the knights go by as if it were an everyday thing.  Seemingly unconcerned by the rumors of war.  Once they had ridden out of sight, he quietly returned to gathering herbs.

Aspect of Autumn [Template]

Those granted the touch of Autumn appear solid if a bit worn, they are sturdy and persistent.  Sometimes the chosen of autumn acquire a golden or ash tinge to their skin or hair and their eye color is always a pure but dark tone.

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Aspect of Spring (Template)

12 April, 2010

In ages past, when the World and the Otherworld were more closely intertwined, the Seasonal Courts all had their chosen in the mortal world, the gifted, the blessed, and, occasionally, the cursed.  After the Sundering, travel between the realms became difficult and most of these Courts lost contact with their agents who were lost to them.

Now those rare people chosen as agents of the Seasonal Courts are given their strength, not out of compassion but out of need, as they cannot afford to lose any of their few agents in the moral world.

Aspect of Spring [Template]

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