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Tuesday Magic Item – Warrior Band Tattoos

15 November, 2022

One of manyGollaon watched as the young warrior was inducted into the war band by receiving an intricate tattoo.  “I find such things both fascinating and disturbing.  To permanently mark one’s flesh in such a way . . . beautiful in its own way but not for me.”

Voddick nodded.  “If it was not vital to membership in the war band, they might not have done it either.  But those tattoo are far from just symbols, they contain magic to allow the warriors to work as a whole.”

Gollaon pondered.  That does make them more intriguing but still, I think, not for me.”

Warrior Band Tattoos

These tattoos are intricate works of craftsmanship showing membership in a particular warrior (or occasionally criminal) band.  Those who are from the same culture are likely to be able to glean some knowledge about the nature of the group through the imagery incorporated into the tattoos. Read the rest of this entry ?

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